Personal Information Management Policy

Gamedex Ltd (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) respects the privacy of users and abides by the Act on the Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection. The Company will inform you through the Privacy Policy how the personal information provided by the user is being used and how it is being used to protect personal information. The Company displays this policy on the first page of the Company’s homepage so that users can conveniently check the policy.

1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Company can access the majority of content without registering as a member.

① In case of job application, the Company collects the following information.
- Required information: Applying position, name, date of birth, age, address, email address, home phone number, cellphone number, photo, desired salary
- Optional: biographical information, medical history, education, work experiences, language proficiency, trainings received, and other various information written on the resume.

※ User has the right to refuse to agree to the collection of personal information, and when refusing the proposed agreement, the user’s application may be limited.

② Method of personal information collection
- E-mail, on paper

③ Use of personal information
- Communicate information regarding your job application results, and as baseline data for job interviews.
2. Period of Possession and Use of Personal Information

In principle, personal information is deleted without delay after the purpose of personal information has been fulfilled.
① For the following information, the Company will retain them for the specified period for the reasons clarified below.
- Retained information: Job applications
- Reason: To hire the applicant in case of opening and to track job application history
- Period: 1 year
② For information that must be retained even after fulfilling their purpose, the Company will retain personal information for the reasons below.
- Retained information: Information written on the resume by the hired applicant
- Reason: Human Resource management
- Period: As long as the hired applicant works for the Company
3. Process and Methods of Destroying Personal Information

As a general rule, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the Company will destroy the information without delay. 
The procedure and method of destruction are as follows. 

① Destruction process
- User’s personal information will be destroyed without delay once their purpose has been fulfilled. If the Company has obtained agreement for prolonged retention as per Article 2 Section 1 or is mandated by related laws and regulations, the personal information will be stored for required period of time then destroyed.
② Destruction Method
- Personal information printed on paper: shredded with a shredder or incinerated
- Personal information stored electronically: deleted using a technical method that cannot be recovered
4. Sharing and Providing Personal Information with Third Party

The Company does not share or provide collected personal information with third parties.
5. Personal Information Management Department

The Company has Personal Information Management Department in order to protect personal information and handle related complaints.
- Person in charge: CEO Bae Jun Suk
- Phone: 070-4304-3000
- E-mail :
- Personal Information Management Department: Management Support Team
- Phone : 070-4304-3000
- E-mail :
Users can report all complaints related to personal information that arises while using the Company’s service to the Person in charge or the personal information management department. The company promises to promptly respond to user complaints in full.
Please contact the government bodies below if you need to report or consult regarding infringement of personal information.
- Korea Internet & Security Agency ( or dial 118)
- Supreme Prosecutor’s Office ( or 02-3480-3571)
- Korean National Policy Agency Cyber Bureau ( or dial 182)
6. Rights of Users and Method of Exercising the Rights
Users can view or modify their personal information, and request to withdraw the agreement to the collection of personal information at any time.
Contact the personal information management department in writing, via phone or email in order to view or modify your personal information or to withdraw your agreement, and we will process your request without delay.
7. Protection of Collected Personal Information

The Company has taken these steps to secure the safety of the users’ collected personal information.
① Management: schedule and execute internal management plans, employee training
② Technological precautions: restricted access to personal information management system, installing and using the latest vaccines and security programs
③ Physical protection: restricted access to related rooms such as the data processing room and the archives
8.Duty of Notification Following Policy Changes

If the policy is expanded, deleted or modified due law and regulations, the changes will be announced through notifications at least 7 days prior to the implementation.
Effective date: December 31, 2017